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                                             “Project 20”

What makes RETRIEVE Health® special from the rest of the animal
health industry is that we take a unique, holistic approach to canine health. We believe with proper lifelong nutrition, exercise and preventive care your dog has a chance to live up to the age of 20.

We address the needs of each life stage. It starts as a puppy by supplying the needed vitamins and minerals often missing in processed dog food, continues with simple natural nutrition, exercise and recovery tips and ends with old dogs and our ability to naturally control pain and give this special animal a high quality of life.

From this point on we are asking you to look at your dog as the world-class athlete he or she naturally are and treat them accordingly. Would a world-class athlete be asked to run 2 miles and after the event be given a bowl of water and then placed in a small cage where he or she could not stand up? Would we wait until the end of the day to give this person nutrients? Of course not, then why do we do this to the canine athlete?

RETRIEVE Health® is your dog’s direct access to world-class, made in the USA, nutritional supplements and world- class life cycle programs. Let’s help make a 20 year old dog the norm not the exception.

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