Retrieve Health

What makes RETRIEVE Health® special from the rest of the animal health industry is that we take a unique, holistic approach to canine health. We believe with proper lifelong nutrition, exercise and preventive care your dog has a chance to live up to the age of 20.

We address the needs of each life stage. It starts as a puppy by supplying the needed vitamins and minerals often missing in processed dog food, continues with simple natural nutrition, exercise and recovery tips and ends with old dogs and our ability to naturally control pain and give this special animal a high quality of life.

RETRIEVE Health® is your dog’s direct access to world-class, made in the USA, nutritional supplements and world- class life cycle programs. Let’s help make a 20 year old dog the norm not the exception.

♦ Chew Stopper – Stop dogs from chewing and gnawing on valuable items with this simple spray. Can be used on any washable surface, indoors or outdoors. It is water-based so it can be applied even on wounds or bandages unlike alcohol-based products which cause stinging.

♦ Enzymes & Probiotics – A concentrated enzyme blend from vegetable sources that contain live, viable micro-organisms to support a healthy digestive system. A large percent of dog food produced today contain more protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber than your dog’s system can digest. This could lead to an end result of food or skin allergies.

♦ Greens Keeper Lawn Tabs – Keep your beautiful lawn green by simply supplementing your dog’s diet with this combination of amino acids, B-vitamins and biotin. This combination affects the ph balance in your dog’s urine, ensuring greener lawns while also providing necessary nutrients for increased health.

♦ Skin & Coat – The skin is your dog’s largest organ and it helps protect your dog from injury/infection, helps control internal temperature & serves as a reservoir for nutrients. Using Skin & Coat dramatically improves skin and coat health, reduces shedding and excessive scratching. Give your dog the healthy coat and skin he deserves.

♦ Multi-Vitamin for Pups – Give your puppy the extra edge with superior physical and mental development. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals help increase energy and stamina, improve immune function, improve vision & hearing. Experts say healthy pets are more able to resist flea, worm & pest infestations and are less susceptible to diseases.

♦ Aches & Discomforts – Aspirin-free Aches & Discomforts contains White Willow Bark (a natural herb) which is used for pain control and inflammation. This bark is used in treating mild fevers, colds, infections, & arthritis. This product is safe to use and will not affect the liver or the kidneys.

♦ Ear Wash – A mild, effective formula consisting of all-natural active ingredients for cleaning the ear canals of your dog. It creates an environment for healthy tissue growth, and helps eliminate head shaking and ear scratching. This wash contains Tea Tree Oil as a natural disinfectant.

♦ Glucosamine 2X – Scientifically formulated for hip and joint lubrication, plus actual repair of cartilage and ligaments. These all-natural active ingredients may give your dog relief from swelling and arthritic symptoms, alleviating aches and discomforts. Micronized to insure absorbtion and increased joint lubrication.

♦ Calm Time – This is an all-natural veterinarian recommended formulation for use on dogs 3 months and older. It features virtual pheromones that create a sense of well being in unfamiliar environments or other stressful situations. Tablet wafers produce a comforting effect lasting for up to 8 to 10 hours without using supplements or medication.

♦ Adult Mulit-Vitamin Plus – Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals help increase energy and stamina, reduce stress, and improve immune function. This product is especially helpful for active dogs, lactating and/or pregnant dogs & aging dogs.

♦ Speed Bath – Allows you to bathe your dog anytime and anywhere without the need of water. Simply spray on and towel off! Eliminates pet’s bad coat odors with no harsh chemicals while leaving a light fresh scent. It’s quick, easy and effective while leaving your dog feeling and smelling his or her best!

♦ Salmon Sticks – Made from real Atlantic Salmon, these delicious sticks are rich in Omega-3 oils which is beneficial to your dog’s health. High in protein, these heart healthy training treats are an excellent reward for your dog that they will truly enjoy!

♦ Rehydrate Hydration Tabs – Rehydrate allows dog owners to quickly replenish vital fluids that have been lost due to exercise or work. Rehydrate comes in an effervescent tablet form for easy transport and is easily mixed with water.

Get all the specifics on these items from the Retrieve Manual under Resources.